Collect 87% More Leads With A 

Messenger Chatbot!


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Imagine This

Imagine a world where you get leads for 1/100th of the cost of digital advertising.

Imagine showing up to the office, checking your messages, and finding out that your automated Messenger Bot has collected 100 new leads, set 3 highly-lucrative appointments for you, handled 22 redundant customer service questions, and freed up 2 hours of time, allowing you and your staff to leave early...

Sound nice?

Well that world is here, and it starts with your Messenger Bot from Smashel!



The numbers are in... The Big 4 Messaging Apps have surpassed the Big 4 Social Networking Apps in active monthly users. Messenger alone has 1.2 BILLION active monthly users.

But what does it mean?

It means you have a six-month window to beat your competition to the punch! If you're not willing to give customers what they're looking for, guess who will... Your competition...


Bots For Lead Generation

Your Bot will have a variety of lead collection tools. These lead collection tools can be placed on your website, in your Facebook ads, on your business cards, on flyers, or anywhere you can think of. When people use the tool or send a message to your business, they automatically become leads!

Overall Strategy

You, like many business owners, don't have a very good lead generation strategy in place. Well, leads are generated by communicating, and a Bot is a communication tool. It is the preferred communication tool for consumers, and it combines automation with sales, content marketing, customer service, email marketing, and more. A bot can participate in over 93% of your strategy.

Selling With Social Media

You've probably been wondering how to sell your products and services using social media. So far you've avoided it because it seems like a lot of time wasting internet chatter. However, you can't deny it's a multi-trillion dollar industry, and you'd like a slice of that pie.

A Messenger Bot is your best chance to take what's yours. It's a completely unsaturated market that Facebook, Apple, Google, and other giants are spending billions on. Because they know it's not only the future for consumers... It's the NOW!


Messenger Marketing

Up to 100% OPEN RATE

Up to 70% CTR (Click Through Rate)

More Engaging

Easy to share

Less Friction

More Personal



Email Marketing

20% Open Rates

5% Click Through Rates

Most emails are filtered for Spam

To Many Emails

Not Mobile Friendly