What is Social Proof for Attorneys and How Can you use it to Improve Conversions?

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You’ve worked hard to build authority in the courtroom, but what about in the outside world? Prospective clients will never solicit your services unless you can show that you deliver results, and few demonstrations are more impactful than digital word of mouth. Here’s how leveraging social proof can help you build the trust that drives conversions.

Social Proof Defined

In psychology, social proof is the common phenomenon where people make their choices and formulate opinions based on how they see others act. In other words, it’s about following the crowd.

How does this play a role in digital marketing? If you want to grow trust and improve conversion rates, then you’ll go beyond telling audiences that they should work with you: You’ll show them how working with you has benefited others. Below is a quick video we’ve put together showcasing popular examples of social proof and discuss each example in detail below.


Where Do Successful Legal Marketers Prove Themselves?

There are plenty of great examples of how brands use social proof to build trust, and various studies have established that social word of mouth can help develop and promote consumers confidence. As an attorney, however, you need to walk a fine line between getting immersed in digital media and establishing yourself as a knowledgeable, professional authority.

The best place to start isn’t on some social media platform but rather your home page. True, these other venues are also vital areas for establishing your digital reputation, but focusing on your website first is crucial if you want to cultivate a consistent brand presence that makes people feel confident about reaching out for consultations.

Five Keys to Demonstrating Social Proof

Not sure how to prove your merit? Start with the following elements to show that you’re a versatile legal professional worth a prospective client’s time.

1. Reviews

According to BrightLocal, 2017 saw 97 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses online. Some 85 percent of all consumers said they trusted these reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Displaying reviews from Google, Justia, Yelp and other sources is a good start. Having mostly 5-star reviews is even better. If that’s impossible, then at the very least, you should respond to negative reviews so that people know you’re willing to work hard to satisfy them.

2. Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a common means of boosting credibility. Experts recommend including a few basics: a short quote, a name, a photo and a job title.

Testimonials work by presenting examples of real people who reaped the rewards of completing business transactions with you. They help prospective clients envision what you could do for them and seriously evaluate the potential benefits of patronizing you.

3. Awards

Digital marketers say that displaying awards, accreditations, and certifications on your site is an excellent technique for establishing instant creditability. Conveniently, many awards have compact, recognizable logos that look great on webpage footers.

Using certifications and awards shows people that in addition to earning clients’ trust, you’ve satisfied the high standards held by professional organizations. Whether you display awards from your peers, magazines or associations, it’s hard to go wrong.

4. Verdicts

Expert social proof, or when industry gurus are associated with your products and services, is one of the key types of proof sought by marketers. For lawyers bound by strict advertising rules, sharing successful verdicts may fill this gap.

Verdicts show evidence of your results-driven track record without you having to guarantee results. Although it’d be highly unethical to declare that you’ll win someone’s case for them, you can make equivalent headway simply by saying “Here are some of the cases I’ve won.”

5. News Features

Social proof works best when it invokes high-authority figures that consumers trust. Since you’re unlikely to land many celebrity endorsements, why not establish yourself as the expert?

If you were featured, quoted or otherwise mentioned by a news outlet, then place their logo on your website in a tasteful “As featured in” section. Just like awards and certification badges, showing that you’ve been recognized by professional institutions demonstrates that the crowd believes in you, and where the masses go, new clients will follow.

Getting Started

Are you still struggling to improve conversions? It may boil down to how you’re using social proof on your site. Discover how to build trust that lasts and actually drives profits by connecting with us online.

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