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Want to rank number 1 on Google? How about number 1 and 2? At Smashel we pride our selves in over-delivering for our clients and taking up as much "shelf space" as possible on the major search engines. Fill out the form below to get started. 

gainesville seo

When it comes to SEO in Gainesville no one understands ranking your website in the Gator Nation better than Smashel. Our aim is to crush the competition and beat up on Google. We want to work with you so give us your current SEO proposal and we’ll price match or even beat it.  You don’t need to put your business in front of the whole internet; you need to put it where the people here in the Gator Nation will see you. This is why you need an SEO consultant who is an expert in local SEO.

If you are not putting the effort into increasing your rankings, you’re just another voice who can’t be heard over the cacophony of the entire internet. You need someone who has the skills to cut through the noise to send your signal out there in the North Florida area.

SEO does not just involve what is on your website. It is your social media presences, your interaction in local areas and strategic content on your site. We know the local directories, associations, and sites that can help boost your business up to the top of the local ratings. By focusing on these important local actions, you can get yourself in front of the people who are most likely to visit your local business.

By focusing on potential and current customers in the local area, the Alachua SEO company who works for you can create a more effective strategy. You can get your message in front of the people who are right here instead of getting lost in the noise.

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